Josh Vanden Top  (TRC Iowa Affiliate)

  1. 484133 559154863494 501532037 nAge: 27
  2. Started Chasing: 2007 
  3. Tornadoes seen: 36
  4. Largest Rating Chased:EF4
  5. Closest distance: 100 yards

Ham Call Sign:  

I'm Josh Vanden Top, I was born and raised in Rock Rapids, IA and currently live in Sioux Center, IA with my wife of 3 years Heidi...

I work at Link MFG as a engineering designer. After coming up on damage after the Sibley, IA EF4 in 2010 I decided that I needed to know more to help people and took and EMT class. With that I now enjoy EMS and am a member of the Sioux Center ambulance. When I'm not chasing storms I enjoy 3 gun competitions, attending concerts and sporting events including baseball and local dirt track racing. I became interested in storm chasing at a young age, like many my age, after seeing the movie twister. I started chasing stormslocally once I could drive and saw my first tornadoes May 1, 2008 near Rock Valley, IA and have been hooked ever since. I was encouraged to start steaming video in 2010 by Andy Gabrielson, he was also instrumental in helping me be the chaser I am today. Over my years of chasing I've seen over 35 tornadoes and many other amazing weather events and intend to keep pursuing this hobby for many years to come.