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6-3-10 Aurora, NE Tornadic Cell




Jeff headed out with friend Bryan and Nate and headed west from Omaha to wait for storm development. We were able to get to a beautiful cell that had amazing structure. The cell was severe warned and had some slight rotation. We ened up staying infornt of the cell as the shelf cloud came towards us. The storm quickly became outflow dominate and eneded up dying of. However more storm development was happening to our south west. We then decided to head south toward Central City, NE to let the storm come to us. The storm ened up becomeing tornado warned for a short time as it headed toward us. A beautiful wall cloud formed but shortly dispated. The cell had amazing structure. When it got near us, we headed to stay infront of it. The cell was moving to the south east so we had some good position. Alittle further south, we stopped to watch another wall cloud. A breif funnel was seen lowering from the wall, but never touched the ground. We then noticed in the gust front a nice gustnado. We headed toward it and let it pass behind us. Shortly after that the storm weakened and slowly died.

  • Tornadoes: 0
  • Miles: 350
  • States: NE
  • Hail: dime

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